Al Barkaat Public School

Al-Barkaat Public School (+2)

The school is situated on the Anoopshahr Road near Jamalpur Railway Crossing approximately 5 kms from Aligarh Railway Station. The school prepares students for All India Secondary/Sr. Sec. School Examination (Class X/XII) conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi. It also caters for separate residential facilities to Boys and Girls from classes VI to XII. The medium of instruction is English at all levels.
The school has separate well-equipped science laboratories viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, computer Science and Mathematics for Secondary/Sr. Sec. level. These laboratories provide opportunities to understand the subject well through experiments done under the supervision of qualified and experienced teachers.
The school has a well established & spacious library. The library has on its shelves a large number of text books, story-books, Encyclopedia, reference books and books on moral values and general knowledge in English, Hindi and Urdu. The library has regular subscription to competitive examination magazines such as Science Reporter, Competition Success Review, journals and periodicals alongwith national/local newspapers. The students avail the library facilities through the library membership card valid for one academic year. The library is fully automated with barcode technology for the issue and return of books using Alice for Window Library software.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Annual Sports Week - 2012

Running matters: Run for fun and Run your life

Running Matters:
   Run For Fun And Run Your life
Mohd Faizan Siddiqui
Cultural Monitor
We are living in a ready get-set-go era. it is not surprising that running as a sport has become popular. Although our ancestors took to their heels whenever they had to respect to the flight respond (as opposed to fight).Civilization and sedentary lifestyle of subsequent periods slowed us down. Being acclimatized to speed of different kinds today, even the exercise regimen has picked up momentum and reflected the time that we live in.
Running is the best stress buster ever. Initially one wakes up with great reluctance and trudges grudgingly to the target. But after the first few strides, the feeling is one of sheer joy or exhilaration. A good run has a calming effect which lasts for a few days. Also we can compare it with meditation, as it brings a sense of inner peace.
But there are some negative effects too. Runners suffer from stress fractures of the foot, shins, knee, hip and groin besides foot tendonitis, bursitis of knee and pelvis. This causes difficulty in walking and sitting. Also there is a likelihood of aggravating existing lumbar disc problem.
Mostly these injuries happen due to poor conditioning, over ambitious running schedules, bad foot positioning during impact, bad or worn out shoes and hard running surfaces. Also one should not run on concrete surface, as there is a higher incidence of stress injuries. Though running injuries are not due to a single event but because of many days of repeated stress with proper training one can minimize injuries but not avoid them altogether. The probability of injuries increases with age. Hence it is important to pay heed and attend to RICE (i.e. Run, Ice, Compression and Elevation) before they develop into injuries. Any form of chest discomfort or pain, numbness in little finger or pain in left arm could point to cardiac issue.
For those, who sign up for marathon, one needs to prepare for over 10 months. If not a marathon, try brisk walking and proper walking as the long distance race is a mind-body game. The tougher you are, the better your chances of reaching the finishing line. So start running slowly. Don’t attempt to conquer the mountain in day one. Walk 10 steps and run 10 steps. Slowly increase the steps you run. Before you know it you will be able to run 10 km non-stop.
Few useful tips-
ü Use full feet to run, making contact with the heel &rolling forward to take off from the ball of the toes.
ü Running on toes increases the impacts loading and is essential only for sprinting.
ü Unnecessary movement of the neck and trunk should be avoided and shoulder movement should be minimized.
ü Have a proper warm up and cool down routine.
ü Running shoes should be changed in 6-8 months depending on your mileage. It’s better if you don’t use running shoes as casual wear.
ü Do not increase running distance suddenly. If doing so, give the body time to recover.
ü A proper cool down, aqua therapy and ice on sore areas immediately after the run are essential.
ü Have a snack, if not a meal, within an hour of the run.
Do not ignore pain. Listen to your body’s sign

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Al-Barkaat Educational Society Felicitates Justice Katju.

Al-Barkaat Educational Society
Felicitates Justice Katju

Mahtab Ahmad \ Tahera Husain | ABPS NEWS
Al Barkaat
“India is a Sanskrit-Urdu composite culture. We should spend our life in this culture by forgetting our selfish motives”, said Justice Markandey Katju, Chairman, Press Council of India, as the Chief Guest of a function organized by Al-Barkaat Educational Society. He further added that India has a diversity of religions and languages. Sufism has a great contribution to the unity, fraternity and integration of the country. He also asserted that he is running an “Urdu Heritage Carvan” all over India so that the country could attain its past glory. Urdu – Sanskrit is our only culture and in order to spread it among mankind, we have to educate the youth to such an extent that they could create a congenial atmosphere and the popularity of these two languages could reach out to the Indian society in future and give our country an identity of an equal level of progress and development in the world.

Prof. S.M. Amin, President of Al-Barkaat Educational Society, applauded Justice Katju saying that he has a significant contribution in the communal harmony of our country. Muslims are always in the mainstream and will sustain this position, and we have also proven it from time to time. If we keep on advancing towards unity and communal harmony, we will soon see the name of our country among the top five nations in the world.

Silsila-e-Qadria Khanqah Barkatia has been spreading the message of love, humanity, fraternity, and integration among mankind for about 450 years from the Dargah of Marehra Shareef. Hazrat Shah Barkatullah (R.A) not only emphasized on spirituality but also on the spread of education. This is the reason that his family set up Al-Barkaat Educational Institution after his name where special emphasis is given on imparting high quality modern and moral education to the future generation.

MLC Mr. Vivek Bansal appealed that it is our responsibility to maintain the feeling of equality and communal harmony to take the country on the path of progress.

Dr. F.U. Siddiqui, Coordinator, ABEIs, gave a detailed introduction of the Chief Guest.

Prof. S.M. Amin, President, ABES felicitated him by offering a memento and a shawl.

On this occasion, a book titled “Naqd-o-Tajziya” written by Urdu teacher of ABPS, Mr. Waheedul Haque was also unveiled by the chief guest.

Mr. Mahtab Alam, Mr. Shahabudin, Mr. Rashid Alvi, Dr. Zoya Zaidi and music teacher of ABPS, Mr. Shahid Shaikh overwhelmed the audience with their poetry, song and music.

Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui, Joint Secretary ABES, read a citation in the honour of the chief guest and proposed his vote of thanks to all the guests.

The programme came to an end with the Tarana-e-Al-Barkaat and the National Anthem.
Mr. Asim Azmi, Prof. A.R. Kidwai, Fr.  Geroge Paul, Prof. Javed Akhtar, Prof. Salahuddin Quraishi, Mr. Qazi Mujtaba Siddiqui, Dr. V.S. Lohchab and the entire fraternity of Al-Barkaat Educational Institution were present on this occasion.

Art and Craft Exhibition ‘Fankaar’ organized by Afternoon School at Al-Barkaat Public School

Art and Craft Exhibition ‘Fankaar’ organized by Afternoon School at
Al-Barkaat Public School

Mahtab Ahmad \ Tahera Husain | ABPS NEWS,
Al Barkaat
An art and craft exhibition ‘Fankaar was organized by the afternoon school at Al-Barkaat Public School. Chief Guest Mr. Virendra Singh, Income tax Commissioners, Aligarh and Guest of Honour Mrs. Rashmi Singh inaugurated this exhibition.

Addressing the students the Chief Guest said, “Children’s constructive and creative capacity is developed by organizing these types of exhibitions through which they could expand their innate ingenuity”.

Guest of Honour Mrs. Rashmi Singh (Eminent Artist and Lawyer by profession at the Delhi High Court) said, “The more interesting the level of education, the faster will children grasp it. So, we should endeavor to organize such exhibitions side by side with academics. Children need a proper guidance for it which is noticeable after overviewing this exhibition. The afternoon school teachers deserve applause for it. They have guided the children in a very nice manner with their utmost dedication and proved their worth to organize this exhibition quite successfully”.    

Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui, Joint Secretary, ABES welcomed the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour.  In his introductory speech, he made us aware of the provision for admission to class VI in the afternoon school from the session 2013-14. Al-Barkaat Educational Society is also pondering over to extend it upto class XII in future.

Dr. F. U. Siddiqui, Coordinator, ABEIs felicitated the Chief Guest with a shawl and a bouquet. The Guest of Honour was greeted by Mrs. Taab Anwar, Incharge afternoon school.  

Art teachers Mrs. Nadira Ahmad, Ms. Farha Khan and Mrs. Anubha Singh gave their worth commending support and cooperation for a successful organization of this exhibition.

Students added a glory to it by presenting their charts, models and different types of handicrafts. Mrs. Taab Anwar, Incharge Afternoon School proposed the vote of thanks to all the guests and audience.

Prof. Masood Siddiqui, Mr. R. V. Khan, Mr. Asim, Zuberi, Mr. Vishnu Kumar Bunty, President, Human Welfare Society, Mr. Anwar, Dr. Waseem Ahmad, Dr. Saba Hasan, Mrs. Sabiha Khan, Principal, ABPS, Mrs. Tahera Hussain, Vice-Principal, Mrs. Saba Haque, Headmistress and the entire fraternity of Al-Barkaat were present on this occasion.

Bread Making Automatic Machine Inaugurated at Al-Barkaat Public School

Bread  Making Automatic Machine Inaugurated at
Al-Barkaat Public School

Mahtab Ahmad \ Tahera Husain | ABPS NEWS
Al Barkaat
Boarders of Al-Barkaat Public School can avail the facility to relish bread prepared by an automatic machine now.
Brigadier Syed Ahmad Ali, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University inaugurated the automatic machine that can make about thousand pieces of bread per hour. He said “This type of machine has a great contribution to the development of schools in this modern time, as it utilizes and saves time for other constructive works”. He discussed the utility of the machine at length with the members of the managing committee. He hoped that hostellers of Aligarh Muslim University can also get benefited from this type of device that has many features.
Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui, Joint Secretary, ABES welcomed the Pro-Vice Chancellor by presenting a shawl and a bouquet. Dr. F. U. Siddiqui, Coordinator, ABEIs extended his heart felt gratitude to all the guests for gracing this occasion.  
Prof. Abdur Raheem Kidwai Director UGC Academic Staff College AMU,        Dr. M Badruzzaman Siddiqui, Dr. M. Z. M Noman, Dr. Jameel Ahmad, Mrs. Sabiha Khan, Principal Al-barkaat Public School, Mrs. Tahera Hussain Vice Principal, Mrs. Saba Haque,  Headmistress, Mrs. Tabassum Saqlain  Nursery Section Incharge, Mrs. Taab Anwer and the entire staff fraternity were present on this occasion.