Al Barkaat Public School

Al-Barkaat Public School (+2)

The school is situated on the Anoopshahr Road near Jamalpur Railway Crossing approximately 5 kms from Aligarh Railway Station. The school prepares students for All India Secondary/Sr. Sec. School Examination (Class X/XII) conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi. It also caters for separate residential facilities to Boys and Girls from classes VI to XII. The medium of instruction is English at all levels.
The school has separate well-equipped science laboratories viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, computer Science and Mathematics for Secondary/Sr. Sec. level. These laboratories provide opportunities to understand the subject well through experiments done under the supervision of qualified and experienced teachers.
The school has a well established & spacious library. The library has on its shelves a large number of text books, story-books, Encyclopedia, reference books and books on moral values and general knowledge in English, Hindi and Urdu. The library has regular subscription to competitive examination magazines such as Science Reporter, Competition Success Review, journals and periodicals alongwith national/local newspapers. The students avail the library facilities through the library membership card valid for one academic year. The library is fully automated with barcode technology for the issue and return of books using Alice for Window Library software.


Monday, January 31, 2011

National Conference on Quality Initiatives in Teacher Education

National Conference
Quality Initiatives in Teacher Education

Picture : S.A. Ali / S. Ahmad | ABPS NEWS
Mahtab Ahmad | ABPS NEWS
Al-Barkaat, January 29
A National Conference was organized in Al-Barkaat Institute of Education.  Addressing the conference, Mr. Syed Shahid Mahdi IAS, Vice President, Indian Council for Cultural Relation suggested the different modules of teaching learning of process.  He further emphasizes, “The quality of teacher education is not improving with the increasing rate of private institutions”.

Prof. R.P. Bhatanagar Ex. Dean, Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut raised the various drawbacks in teacher education programmes.  He recommended that equal emphasis should be given on teaching learning programme at primary and secondary stages.
Prof. C.P.S. Chauhan Dean, Faculty of Social Science, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh highlighted the true picture of today`s Government School mentioning that a second class student cannot read the text of 3rd class.  Therefore, it is the duty of NCTE  to give affiliation to B.Ed. colleges with proper guidelines.
Prof. S.M. Amin, President of Al-Barkaat Educational Society, promised that his institute would do its best to build good teacher educators.
In her welcome address to the guests, Dr. Saba Hasan, Principal of ABIE said,  “Through this National Conference Various remedies will be sorted out so that we can develop good pupil teachers.”
  Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui, Joint Secretary, ABES proposed a vote of thanks to all the guests and delegates in the Conference.  He informed that about 40 papers were presented in this conference.
Prof. N.K. Dash of IGNOU, New Delhi graced the Valedictory session as the Chief Guest. .Dr. F.U. Siddiqui, Convener of the Conference concluded the proceeding of the Conference by sharing the recommendations of the conference.  Prof. Nabi Ahmad, Dr. Nikhat Nasreen, Prof. Salahuddin Qureshi, Dr. Mohammad Parvez, Dr. Mehmood , Mr. Ashok Pachuri ,a galaxy of scholars,dignitaries and the entire Al-Barkaatian fraternity were present in the conference.
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Al-Barkaat, January 29
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Workshop on Spoken English

Workshop on Spoken English

Mahtab Ahmad|ABPS NEWS

Al-Barkaat, January 22
A one day workshop on developing a training course in spoken English for the teachers of public school in Aligarh was jointly conducted by UGC major research project, department of English and public school development society on 22nd January 2011.
The programme continued from 9:00AM to 5:00PM with the interactive session including phonetics, listening task and speaking including group activities, games play and brainstorming session by the resource person Dr. Mohd Amirullah Khan and his team.
Dr. Rashid Nehal, the other resource person took over him and got the pulse of problems faced by the teachers in teaching English language. The expert advice was given on it.
The valedictory session started with recitation of the holy verses by Qari M. Amir. Mr. I.P.S. Solanki, DIOS, Mr. Rakesh Nandan, Vice President, Public School Development Society, Mr. Anil Sharma, Joint Secratory, PSDS, Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui, Secratory, PSDS and Joint Secratory, ABES, Prof. A. R. Kidwai, Director, Academic Staff College, Aligarh Muslim University, Dr. F. U. Siddiqui, Coordinator, ABEIs, Dr. Amirullah Khan, Dr. Rashid Nehal, Mrs. Sabiha Khan, the Principal, Mrs. Saba Haque, Headmistress, Mrs. Tabassum Saqlain, Incharge Primary Section, Mrs. Tahira Husain, HOD, Girls Section, Mrs. Nadira Ahmad, dignitaries and the teachers representative from the different schools attended the valedictory.
Mr. Rakesh Nandan made a warm welcome speech introducing the society with the noble objective irrespective of mediums and boards. The society is open for all since its inception in 2005. A shawl and a memento were presented to Prof. A. R. Kidwai by Mr. Rakesh Nandan and to the DIOS by Mr. Anil Sharma.
Mr. Solanki, DIOS, delivered his motivational speech with the need of the workshops for other languages specially Hindi and Urdu also.
Prof. A. R. Kidwai encouraged the teachers for their commitment and sincerity to their duties and urged to update themselves with more and more knowledge. He said, “Academic Staff College has been catering to the needs throughout the year.” He praised the brilliant efforts of the Public School Development Society. 
Dr. Amirullah Khan shared how the idea of such type of workshop cropped up relating to an incident of his son studying in DPS with phonemes and no teacher was prepared to teach it.
Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui proposed the vote of thanks to the organizers, resource persons and dignitaries with the invaluable suggestions for the teachers that they should listen carefully to their elders only then their students can listen to them.
The certificates were distributed to the participants by Mr. Solanki, Mr. Rakesh Nandan, Mr. Anil Sharma and Dr. F. U. Siddiqui respectively.
The program was compered by Mrs. Tahira Husain. 

Find more pictures below:


Friday, January 7, 2011


 SENIOR SCHOOL EXAMINATION,2011               
Tuesday,01st March,  2011  10:30 AM  
                                                      PHYSICS                              042    
Thursday,03rd March,  2011  10:30 AM
                                                      BUSINESS STUDIES          054    
Saturday,05th March,  2011  10:30 AM 
                                                     HISTORY                              027   

                                                     FINANCIAL ACCNTG       611    
Monday,07th March,  2011  10:30 AM      
                                                     CHEMISTRY                       043    
                                                     INT TO FINANCL MKT   723    
Wednesday,09th March,  2011  10:30 AM  
                                                    BIOTECHNOLOGY            045    
                                                    ACCOUNTANCY                055    
Friday,11th March,  2011  10:30 AM                        
                                                     ENGLISH CORE                 301 
Monday,14th March,  2011  10:30 AM   
                                                    BIOLOGY                             044    
                                                    BUSINESS DATA PROC   700                                       
Wednesday,16th March,  2011  10:30 AM 
                                                    ECONOMICS                      030 
Friday,18th March,  2011  10:30 AM                        
                                                   HINDI CORE                        302  
Tuesday,22nd March,  2011  10:30 AM 
                                                   MATHEMATICS                 041    
                                                   MICROBIOLOGY                662    
Friday,25th March,  2011  10:30 AM        
                                                   POLITICAL SCIENCE        028    
Monday,28th March,  2011  10:30 AM
                                                  PHYSICAL EDUCATION   048    
Wednesday,30th March,  2011  10:30 AM                    
                                                 COMPUTER SCIENCE     083  
Thursday,31st March,  2011  10:30 AM
                                       PHILOSOPHY                    040    
Saturday,02nd April,  2011  10:30 AM    
                                     ENTREPRENEURSHIP     066  

Tuesday,05th April,  2011  10:30 AM  
                                    GEOGRAPHY                     029    
Thursday,07th April,  2011  10:30 AM 
                                     PSYCHOLOGY                  037    
Saturday,09th April,  2011  10:30 AM    
                                    HOME SCIENCE             064
Monday,11th April,  2011  10:30 AM     
                                   URDU CORE                    303    



Tuesday,01st March,  2011  10:30 AM 
                                                        URDU COURSE-A        003     
                                                        URDU COURSE-B        303     
Saturday,05th March,  2011  10:30 AM                       
                                                        MATHEMATICS          041     
Thursday,10th March,  2011  10:30 AM   
                                                        SOCIAL SCIENCE       087     
Monday,14th March,  2011  10:30 AM   
                                                       HINDI COURSE-A       002     
                                                       HINDI COURSE-B       085     

Wednesday,16th March,  2011  10:30 AM        
                                                       FOUNDATION OF I T    165     

Friday,18th March,  2011  10:30 AM   
                                                      ENGLISH COMM.        101     
                                                      ENGLISH LNG & LIT.   184   
Wednesday,23rd March,  2011  10:30 AM
                                                     SCIENCE-THEORY       086     
                                                    SCIENCE W/O PRAC.    090