Al Barkaat Public School

Al-Barkaat Public School (+2)

The school is situated on the Anoopshahr Road near Jamalpur Railway Crossing approximately 5 kms from Aligarh Railway Station. The school prepares students for All India Secondary/Sr. Sec. School Examination (Class X/XII) conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi. It also caters for separate residential facilities to Boys and Girls from classes VI to XII. The medium of instruction is English at all levels.
The school has separate well-equipped science laboratories viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, computer Science and Mathematics for Secondary/Sr. Sec. level. These laboratories provide opportunities to understand the subject well through experiments done under the supervision of qualified and experienced teachers.
The school has a well established & spacious library. The library has on its shelves a large number of text books, story-books, Encyclopedia, reference books and books on moral values and general knowledge in English, Hindi and Urdu. The library has regular subscription to competitive examination magazines such as Science Reporter, Competition Success Review, journals and periodicals alongwith national/local newspapers. The students avail the library facilities through the library membership card valid for one academic year. The library is fully automated with barcode technology for the issue and return of books using Alice for Window Library software.


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Al Barkaat Observes Mathematics Day

Al Barkaat Observes Mathematics Day

Mahtab Ahmad | ABPS NEWS
Al Barkaat, 31 December
Mathematics, Sports and English exhibition was organized in Al Barkaat Public School by all the sections. As announced by the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan  Singh, 2012 will be observed as the year of mathematics celebrating the birth of great mathematician Ramanujam.
The children displayed  different type of models and charts. The main objective is to create interest for mathematics in the children and awareness of games and sports as well as the significance of English language in the present time in this world.
Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui, the joint secretary, ABES, and Dr. F. U. Siddiqui, ABEIs, visited the exhibition and encouraged the children. 
Addressing on the occasion Mrs. Sabiha Khan, the principal said, “ This  sort of exhibition develops the personality of the children i.e. the main objective of CCE under CBSE.
Mrs. Tahera Hussain, HOD, Girls Section, Mrs. Saba Haque, Headmistress, CCA incharges Mrs. Nadira Ahmad, Mr. Mahtab Ahmad, Mathematics teachers Mrs. Ayesha Bano, Mr. Ebad Ul Haque, Mr. Fehmeed Khan, Sports teacher Mr. Naushad Najeeb, Media Incharge Mr. Syed Ashar Ali, all the teaching and non teaching staff were present on the occasion.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011



Mahtab Ahmad | ABPS NEWS

Al Barkaat, 26 December
On the occasion of consumer day the students of class XI Commerce staged a skit for consumer awareness and their rights giving a warning to escape exploitation by the shopkeepers. Addressing the gathering of the students, Mrs. Sabiha Khan, the Principal ABPS said, “The personality and creative capacities in the children are developed by organizing this type of programme”. The role of Commerce teacher Miss Nazia Kausar was praiseworthy. All the teaching, non-teaching staff and students were present on the occasion.



 Mahtab Ahmad | ABPS NEWS

Al Barkaat, 26 December

Al-Barkaat organized a special assembly on Christmas Day. The programme started with the holy recitation of the Quran. The school choir presented the Jingle bell song. A detailed description was given about the significance of the festival. The children distributed sweets as Santa Claus.

Speaking on the occasion Mrs. Sabiha Khan, the Principal of the school  shared her views that Christmas the symbol of peace, humanity, love and fraternity celebrated all over the world on 25th of December , marking the birth day of Jesus Christ, with full enthusiasm. It holds more significance in this present world to spread the message of peace, love and brotherhood. Jesus Christ was born on 25th December in 336 B.C. Since then, it is celebrated as his Birthday.

Mrs. Sabiha Khan, the Principal, ABPS, Mrs. Tahera Hussain, HOD Qadiria Girls’ section, Mrs. Saba Haque, Headmistress, all the teaching and non-teaching staff and students were present on the occasion. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I¬st Anniversary Of Qadiria Girls’ Section

st Anniversary Of
 Qadiria Girls’ Section

Tahera Hussain | ABPS NEWZ
Al Barkaat, 12 December,
A special assembly was held in the Qadiria Girls’ Section commemorating its first anniversary of establishment of the building. Students spoke on the importance and advantages of studying in the Girls' Section. They specially focused on the point that they have become more confident and felt free to express their views in the class without any fear and hesitation. 
A small humorous skit was presented by the Barkaatian buds (our girls) on this occasion. Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui, Joint Secretary, Al Barkaat Educational Society was also present in this special assembly. He said, " Mehboob Fatima Girls Hostel is named after the respected late mother of   Prof. S. M. Amin, the President of the  Al Barkaat Educational Society. In the same way Qadiria Girls' Section has been established in the memory of his late beloved sister with the motive of promoting girls education among the society. That was his dream and by the grace of Almighty it has come true now."  He also enlightened the students about the other historical facts of Al-Barkaat  and also assured that the management always stands by us in thick and thin situations.
The Head of the Girls Section Mrs. Tahera Hussain thanked all the teachers for their involvement and efforts and encouraged students to become good person in their life. She also thanked the Management for their Co-operation in full endeavors.
Mrs. Sabiha Khan, the Principal, Al Barkaat Public School, Mrs. Saba Haque, Headmistress, Mrs. Tahera Husain, Incharge, Qadiria Girls’ Section along with the teaching and non teaching staff were present. Mrs. Shama Owais and Mrs. Nadira Ahmad prepared the students for this special assembly. Sweets were distributed among all the girls on this occasion.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Children Showed Talent in Hamd & Naat Audition At Al Barkaat

Children Showed Talent
In Hamd & Naat Audition
At Al Barkaat

Mahtab Ahmad | ABPS NEWS
Al Barkaat, 17 December
Hamd and Naat audition was organized in Al Barkaat under the aegis of Zee Salam, a reputed regional Channel, in which the children of schools and Madarsas of Aligarh recited Hamd and Naat. The children of prominent schools and colleges Like Schools from Aligarh Muslim University, Al Barkaat, Tameer – e – Millat, Our Lady of Fatima, Delhi Public School and Aligarh Public School participated 47 in all of which the best five children for Hamd and Naat will be telecast worldwide on ZEE Salam.
Ela Khalid of Aligarh Muslim University was adjudged first followed by Iqra Kunwar of Al Barkaat Public School as second, Md. Bilaluddin as third and Mursheed Nomani as fourth and Aleena Raees as fifth respectively.
Mr. C. P. Singh, ADM City, Prof. S. M. Amin, President Al Barkaat Education Society, Mr. Humayun Murad, CJM, Aligarh, Dr. Samina Khan, Associate Professor, Department Of English inaugurated the programme.
Speaking on the occasion, the guest appreciated the programme which guides us to follow suit of our Prophet (S.A.W.). Prof. S. M. Amin, President Al Barkaat Education Society said, “Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W. brought the message of humanity for all the religions. When people are running after dance and music, the audition by Zee Salam is worth praising”.
Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui, Joint Secratory, Al Barkaat Education Society, Dr. Syed Mohibul Haque, Reader, Political Science, Aligarh Muslim University, Maulana Noman Azhari, Nazim, Islamic Education, Al Barkaat Public School were the judges on the occasion. They explore the talents of the children and encouraged them too.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Audition Of Hamd and Naat By Zee Network

Audition Of Hamd and Naat By Zee Network
 at Al Barkaat

On behalf of Zee Salam (Zee Network) Al Barkaat Public School is organizing an audition  of Hamd – e – Elahi, Naat – e  –  Rasool on 17 December 2011 from 11 AM to 4 PM. That will be telecast worldwide on Zee Salam. Those children of Aligarh School and Madarsas who want to participate in it can get their registration by 16 December 2011 at 5 P.M.
Maximum 2 children of the school or Madarsa are entitled to participate.
Contact for Registration:
          9319044371, 0571- 3299871, 0571-3291307

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yaad e Hussain

 नईमुद्दीन खान | ऐ. बी. पी. एस. न्यूज़ 

Yaad e Hussain

البرکات میں محرّم
کے  موقع
پر یاد حسین

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Art and Craft Exhibition Organised By Al Barkaat Public School Afternoon Shift

‘Art And Craft Exhibition’
 Organized By
 Al Barkaat Public School Afternoon Shift
Tahir Ali Khan | ABPS NEWS
Al Barkaat, 30 November
An exhibition on ‘Art and Craft’ was organized under the aegis of Al Barkaat Public School Afternoon Shift. It was inaugurated by the great social activist Mrs. Teesta Setalvad and distinguished guest Mr. Rajesh Singh, Incharge, Dainik Jagran, Mr. Shujatullah, Dr. Shabeena Khan and Dr. Mohibul Haque.
Addressing the students, the chief guest Mrs. Teesta Setalvad said, “these kinds of exhibition develop the constructive and practical skills of the students which go a long way in shaping the personality of the students, as it fosters the creative aspect of the student as well.”
Distinguished guest Mr. Rajesh Singh, Incharge of Dainik Jagran said, “This is how the students’ talent and imaginations are given an opportunity to exhibit.” He was quite astonished to see the exhibition.
Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui, Joint Secretary, ABES, Dr. F. U Siddiqui, Coordinator ABEIs, Dr. Waseem Ahmad, Director, ABIMS, Sabiha Khan, the Principal, ABPS, Mrs. Tahera Husain, HOD, Qadiria Girls’ Section, Mrs Saba Haque, Headmistress, ABPS, Mrs Tabassum Saqlain, Nursery Incharge, Ms. Taab Anwar, Incharge, Al Barkaat Public School Afternoon Shift Mrs. Nadira Ahmad, all the teaching and non-teaching staff were present on the occasion.

दीपक गुप्ता, नईमुद्दीन खान | ऐ. बी. पी. एस न्यूज़